Microsoft officially launches 1st preview of Visual Studio for Mac

Given that Microsoft currently mistakenly published this announcement earlier in the day recently, the fact that the company is releasing Visual Studio for Mac does not come as being a major surprise now that it’s made this official.

Nevertheless, allow that sink in for a minute: Microsoft is bringing its flagship designer device to macOS. it is doing so by leveraging the task of Xamarin, the cross-platform development business it acquired earlier in the day this season, plus the open source MonoDevelop IDE which also forms the basis regarding the Xamarin Studio IDE.

Following the acquisition shut, we sat straight down with Xamarin co-founder Nat Friedman and Microsoft’s corporate vice president Julia Liuson to generally share the future of Xamarin’s tools under Microsoft. At that time, Friedman told me that “if Xamarin could with time make the honor of representing Visual Studio on Mac, that might be great.” The period has come and, as Liuson said earlier this month, it was the master plan all along.

Artistic Studio for Mac does go on it design cues from the Windows brethren and comes with the most common core tools like IntelliSense plus Xamarin’s cross-platform development tools. This implies now you can use artistic Studio for Mac to produce for apps for iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

It is possible to download the preview of artistic Studio for Mac here.